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Trusts, Estates & Tax Planning

The right plan can make all the difference.

Our goal as estate and tax planning advisors is to facilitate the preservation and distribution of wealth. Tailoring the right plan not only protects assets from estate taxation, it also protects families by having succession planning in place. Our ability to provide guidance on both legal issues as well as tax issues makes us better able to achieve the ultimate objectives of our clients. We pride ourselves on the ability to accomplish our clients’ goals by taking advantage of the various legal and tax planning tools that allow them to maximize the value of their life’s work and minimize estate taxes.

Because of the personal nature of this work, we place the highest priority on developing and maintaining client relationships and understanding the needs of our clients and their families and integrating them into our planning.

In addition to planning and drafting estate plans, we also handle estate administration to ensure that the plan created is successfully carried out.